10 Living Room Accessories

Furniture may be the most important part of your living room, but it’s the little accessories that really bring it to life. Make your living room stand out with these ten simple accessories.
10 Living Room Accessories

Your living room is more than a place to watch TV. It’s the first thing you see after a long day at work, the first place your kids show their friends, and the first impression that people get upon entering your home. That’s why it’s important to have a living room that not only offers visual appeal, but also displays your individuality and tastes. The best way to achieve this is through living room accessories. Colors and furniture may be central to the room, but it’s the little add-ons that give it personality. Here are ten simple accessories that can add some punch to your living room.

End tables. End tables make great accessories because they take up unused space—usually the far corners of a room where nothing else would fit. Use them to hold the phone, a decorative vase, or a pile of books or magazines. They now come in a wide range of designs, so there’s sure to be one that matches your décor.

Fireplace. A well-built fireplace instantly becomes the focal point of your room, adding a lot of warmth (visually and physically) and pulling all the other elements together. Choose one that’s proportional to the size of your room, otherwise it’ll either be hard to spot or overpower the rest of your room.

Throw pillows. Pillows and cushions are great for adding color and texture to an otherwise dull room. Look for pillows that contrast or complement your couch, whichever your room design calls for. For more drama, try getting a matching drape and placing it over your backrest to better set off the pillows.

Lamps. Lighting is central to your room’s overall design, and what better way to do it than with a stylish lamp? Table lamps are the most popular option, but if your space allows, try getting floor-standing lamps to add a bit of interest. A full-length lava lamp will look great with a modern living room, while a wrought-iron stand is the perfect finishing touch for an elegant, old-school theme.

Curtains. Window treatments are great for controlling the natural light that spills into your room. Use sheer curtains for a brighter setting, and thick, opulent folds for a classic Victorian look. For added interest, try contrasting the curtains with your wall color or texture.

Indoor plants. The trend these days is to bring some of the outdoors into your room, and indoor plants are the best way to follow the trend. Put them in a large decorative pot, or if you have a small room, hang them from three or four smaller pots on your wall.

Room dividers. If your room is just a bit too big, try breaking it up with a small room divider. Room dividers add a whole new dimension to your room, and if properly positioned, they can even serve as the room’s focal point. Look for a light, expandable one so you can rearrange your room anytime.

Area rugs. Don’t have enough furniture to fill the room? Break up that large expanse of floor with a soft area rug. Properly maintained, an area rug can be a great place to relax when your couch isn’t doing the job. Put it in front of your fireplace for a nice, cozy hangout on cold evenings.

Shelves. Living room design is all about personalization. Shelves and bookcases are a great way to display all the things that define your personality—your book collection, your favorite antiques, even the old toy cars you had as a kid. Not only do they add individual appeal, they also make a great conversational piece for visitors.

Wall art. They say your choice of art is what really defines your style, because you don’t choose it for function, price, or any reason besides your personal taste. Look for a piece of art that you can really live with for years.