5 Home Design Ideas Under $500

You don’t have to spend a lot of money when redesigning your home. You can simply paint walls, use area rugs, move your furniture around, buy new lighting, or change the look of your doors and cabinets by replacing the old knobs with decorative pieces.
5 Home Design Ideas Under $500

Say “remodel” to any homeowner and you’ll get a wide range of reactions. Some will get all excited and start firing off design ideas. Others will talk about the latest trends and styles. Most of us, however, will grimace at the thought of spending a small fortune and the sheer amount of work involved.

But it doesn’t have to be that way—it is possible to do a home remodel on a shoestring budget and with minimum effort. It won’t be a full makeover, but it will give your home that much-needed lift. Here are five ways you can spruce up your home for less than $500.

1. Repaint a couple of walls (Cost: $150-$300)

Those beige walls may have been stylish when you chose them, but now they’re starting to look boring. But instead of repainting your entire house, why don’t do just a wall or two? It will add some variety and definition to your walls and can even make a fun activity for your kids. Choose a color that contrasts or goes well with your existing color scheme. A combination of warm and cool colors is best: try red, yellow, or orange against blue, green or violet. If you like how it turns, you can always complete the paint job when you have more time.

2. Get area rugs (Cost: $6 to $500)

An area rug covers just a portion of the room and serves a mostly decorative purpose. Unlike carpets, they offer a lot more creativity as the edges can be finished, bordered, or embroidered. Area rugs go particularly well with hardwood and parquet floors, which tend to be monotonous in a big room. You can place one in the middle of a room, between two adjacent rooms, or beneath your living room furniture. Lock them into place with an adhesive base or heavy-duty tape.

3. Move your furniture around (Cost: $0)

Sometimes all you need to do is rearrange your furniture and your room gets a whole new look. Find ways to make the room look more spacious and draw attention to your focal points. Focal points are those that catch a person’s eye the moment they walk into a room. If your focal point is a nice fireplace by the window, you can arrange your furniture so that it opens to the window. That way, when they step into the room, the furniture will naturally lead them to look at the point of interest.

4. Change your lighting (Cost: $10 to $300)

Lighting plays a big role in creating the overall mood of your home. Modern design favors warmer tones and the use off accent lights (small, dim lights that illuminate key spots in the room). Replace your old daylight lamps with warm white shades, and install accent lights over points of interest. This can be your fireplace, a cornice, or a wall painting. When you want to set a romantic mood, all you need to do is turn on your accent lights and add a few candles.

5. Replace your door knobs (Cost: $15 to $200)

It’s amazing how a fancy handle can turn an otherwise plain door into a luxury piece. Replace your old cabinet knobs with shiny new ones to give your kitchen a whole new look. Gold and bronze knobs work well with rustic colors like red, black and brown, while colorful handles can be mixed and matched for a more whimsical theme.