6 Useful Kitchen Tools

In today’s modern kitchen, these six tools can make your life easier – food slicer, sandwich maker, kitchen timer, digital thermometer, slow cooker, and electric can opener. These tools can help you create your homemade dishes faster without too much hassle.
6 Useful Kitchen Tools

Twenty years ago, you could have a working kitchen with just a stove, a bunch of knives, and a couple of good pots. Today, there’s a kitchen tool for even the most mundane tasks, like crushing garlic. Many are simply a waste of money (a good whack will crush your cloves just fine), but others are actually useful. Here are six kitchen gadgets worth checking out.

1. Food slicer

There’s nothing a good knife can’t take care of, but an automatic slicer comes in handy when you’re pressed for time. This tool uses a sharp spinning disc to cut and peel your vegetables. The main advantage is that you can control the thickness and consistency of your slices, and that it slices twice as fast as a hand knife. It’s great for making salads, soups, and recipes that call for consistent slices (such as pies).

2. Sandwich maker

You might think making a sandwich couldn’t be any simpler, but toasting is often a problem. A sandwich maker does more than toast your bread and melt your cheese. It presses the entire thing together and seals the edges so that you get a nice firm sandwich, not one with vegetables and dressing spilling over the edges. This is especially useful when you’re making mini-sandwiches and toasties for children’s parties.

3. Kitchen timer

You work for hours on a nice baked casserole, then you pop it in the oven and lose track of time. What would have been a masterpiece often ends up a sticky, barely edible concoction. If this has happened too many times, a kitchen timer may just save your next dish. You can set it to alarm after a preset time, or at regular intervals so you can turn the food or lower the heat.

4. Digital thermometer

Thermometers are a must for people who like to bake or roast. Meat roasts are usually tested for internal temperatures, but sticking your child’s mercury thermometer into your food isn’t exactly hygienic. Most of us just make side cuts to cook the insides or intentionally overcook the meat. A digital food thermometer gives you an accurate readout almost immediately, so you don’t risk over- or under-cooking your food.

5. Slow cooker

You can slow-cook in any of your old pots, but not all of them are up to the task. In a year or two, frequent slow-cooking can weaken the material and cause your pots to give in. Besides, it’s a hassle to have to check on your food every 15 minutes. A slow cooker gets the job done with less work. It’s designed to withstand constant heat exposure—a good cooker will last three or more years of regular use.

6. Electric can opener

Gone are the days when you had to press and crank to open your canned food. An electric opener does the job in less than a minute and without the risk of cutting yourself. For even more convenience, get a cordless can opener--it gives you a better grip and works with any can size.