6 Wall Décor Choices

Wall décor can help you create a new look for a room or for your entire house without the need for expensive remodeling options. These six options are very easy to implement – feature wall, decorative lights, artwork, murals, and texturing techniques.
6 Wall Décor Choices

Is your room badly in need of a makeover? Most people would immediately think about remodeling, but luckily, it’s not the only answer. Often, you only need a few simple changes to give your room a whole new look. For instance, a change in lighting can completely alter a room’s mood, and a well-chosen rug can spruce up an otherwise barren floor. If your walls are looking a little bare, you might want to liven it up with wall décor.

In its broadest sense, wall décor is anything you add to your wall. It can be a layer of paint, a piece of art, wallpaper, or a hanging mirror. If it’s meant to make it look pretty, it qualifies as wall décor. However, that’s not all it does: it should also blend in with the rest of your theme and reflect your personal style. Sounds like a challenge, but it’s not. Here are some wall décor ideas that just might work for your home.

1. Feature wall. A feature wall is one that is set apart from the others, either by a different color, an architectural detail, or some other point of interest. The most common type is a contrast wall, which is painted in a contrasting color from the rest of the room. For example, a feature wall for a pale yellow room can be painted bright blue and played up with yellow accents. This is a great way to resolve color issues in your kids’ rooms—they can choose their favorite colors for the feature wall and let you pick a more neutral color for the rest.

2. Decorative lights. Long, narrow walls, such as those in hallways, tend to be very bare and hard to decorate. It’s hard to find a piece that won’t put the entire area out of balance. One solution is to line it with accent lights. Wall sconces are both functional (they illuminate the hallway) and highly decorative. They’re not as expensive as they look—if you’re on a budget, you can simply spread out fewer sconces over a larger area, making up for it with a higher watt bulb. Make sure to install them above eye level to hide the light source, but not too close to the ceiling as they won’t be visible.

3. Artwork. You don’t need a deep understanding of art to appreciate a good painting or photograph. Look for a piece that appeals to you and will look great in your room. Don’t have an eye for aesthetics? Follow the rule of opposites: choose an artwork that contradicts the color or texture of your wall. Black-and-white photographs provide a nice contrast to a brightly colored wall, and a colorful abstract can liven up a dull backdrop. Be sure to consider how it will look against your wall color and the rest of your décor.

4. Murals. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try getting a wall mural. A mural is an artwork that covers most or all of your wall, giving your room an entirely new dimension. Traditionally, murals were painted directly on the wall, which obviously involved hiring an experienced artist for an often hefty cost. These days, you can buy pre-made wall murals that you can apply onto your wall, much like a wallpaper. Murals are a very bold design, so make sure you can live with your chosen image for a long time.

5. Mirrors. Wall mirrors are great for small rooms because they create an illusion of space, making them seem larger than they actually are. They also reflect incoming light, which is great for bathrooms, basements, and areas that tend to lack large windows. Small framed mirrors work great in bedrooms or toilets, especially those with built-in shelves and cabinets.

6. Texturing. Wall texturing adds a lot of character to your room. The best thing about it is that no two walls will be alike, and the texture itself will be the main feature of the room. You can texture just one wall and turn it into a feature wall, or texture all but one wall. Texturing the whole room isn’t advisable because it makes the room look messy, and the walls can be hard to clean.