Design Inspirations for Your New Home

When choosing a design inspiration, it’s best to choose the one that best embodies your interests and personality. These things can serve as inspirations when designing your home – fashion or shopping style, your favorite room, favorite colors and items, and artwork.
Design Inspirations for Your New Home

Some people have always known what they want their homes to look like. Others fumble with several ideas and have trouble settling on one style. If you’re one of the latter, don’t worry—there are lots of ways to create your own style while keeping to basic design rules. The key is to find a style that’s all your own, one that reflects your personality and interests.

Of course, that’s where many people stumble. Finding your personal style can take some time, especially if you have varied tastes. But it’s certainly not difficult—after all, it’s just a matter of knowing what you want. Here are some great sources of ideas for creating your personal style.

1. Your favorite items. Obviously, you tend to buy more of the things that you like. Look around your home and find things that appear more than once. If you have wooden vases in the living room, kitchen, basement and bedroom, there’s only one conclusion: wooden vases are your thing.

If you’re using multiples as a basis, there’s usually a risk of overstuffing your house. Just because you like wooden vases doesn’t mean they have to be in every room. Just make them the focal point of your home: they should be the first thing you notice when you come in and the last thing you forget when you leave.

2. Your color preferences. Some colors may represent or fit in with a certain style. If you like the stark contrast of black and white, a minimalist theme may be perfect for you. This style favors straight lines and a play of contrast, such as a sleek black couch against a spacious white wall. If you’re drawn to brown, green and yellow shades, you may like a country or traditional style. These themes play on the use of wood and natural materials. Pastel shades are associated with Asian design, and bright colors suggest postmodern and avant-garde styles.

3. Your art and décor. Your choice in art is very personal. You choose to hang something on your wall simply because you like it, not because it’s functional or convenient. That makes it the best indication of your personal style, as well as a great takeoff point for building your theme. Designer or original art might mean you prefer a rich, classical look; a small oil painting may indicate a taste for vintage styles. Once you’ve identified your artistic style, you can build the rest of your décor around it.

4. Your fashion style. How you dress is also an accurate reflection of your personal style. Do you like flowery, frilly dresses with colorful prints? If so, a quirky modern theme might work for your home. Are you more comfortable in everyday shirts and jeans? Then you may want a traditional theme with pastel walls and sturdy wood furniture. Make sure you’re not just following trends, or your décor may go out of date too quickly. Look into your closet and see which pieces you have the most of—this tells you which styles you can live with for a long time.

5. Your favorite room. Even before you decorate your home, there’s always one room you’ll be drawn to because of its look and feel. Find out what you like most about your favorite room and use it as inspiration for the rest of your home. That doesn’t mean all rooms should look alike, only that a single mood should prevail in every room. If you like the calm and openness of your sunroom, that might mean a nature-inspired or Asian theme can work for your home.

6. Your shopping style. When you’re at the mall, where do you head to first? Do you go straight to the food area and check out the restaurants? That might mean the kitchen should be your home’s focal point. Are you often drawn to the coffee shops for a warm, relaxing drink? If so, you might want to put more effort into your bedroom, living room, or any place you like to chill out.