Renting in Style: 7 Apartment Decorating Tips

Living in an apartment may pose certain challenges when it comes to space availability. However, living in a small space should trigger your creativity and ingenuity when it comes to decorating styles. You can always play with height and color to emphasize the given space.
Renting in Style: 7  Apartment Decorating Tips

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean giving up style and luxury. If anything, it should encourage you to think creatively and find ways to maximize your space. Here are seven design tips for stylish renters.

1. Wall-mount what you can. Wall mounting is a great way to save space and increase your storage. Install overhead cabinets and cupboards for things you don’t use often, such as holiday china and paper plates for parties. Shelves, cabinets, and counters can all be placed against the wall, increasing the usable floor space and creating an illusion of space.

2. Minimize clutter. The most important design tip for small spaces is to minimize clutter. Clutter makes your space seem cramped and smaller than it already is. Make it so that nothing is just lying around at any time. Provide an accessible storage space for books and magazines, CDs, video games, and other frequently used items.

3. Brighten up. Contrasting walls and ceilings work well for big pads, but if you have a small space, stick to bright pastel colors on all sides. Light colors make the room seem bigger and reflect the light better, making it warm and cozy. Let in as much natural light as possible. If your landlord will let you, install large windows and mirrors on the east side to let sunlight in.

4. Fool the eye. Make up for what your space lacks by directing the eye elsewhere. If the space is narrow, make the eye sweep from one corner to the other to take attention away from the limited width. If it’s simply small, use vertical lines and posts to direct the eye upward.

5. Have a focal point. The focal point is the first thing people notice when they enter your pad. It can be anything from an elaborate fireplace to a colorful area rug. Place it where you want the viewer to look first, then lead it away to another point of interest. The rest of the place will be built around your focal point, so choose one that’s interesting and easy to adapt to.

6. Angle your furniture. The usual L-shaped arrangement of furniture emphasizes the limit of your space’s corners. Try arranging your furniture at an angle from the walls to take people’s eyes away from the corner and onto the walls. You can use the corner space to put in a nice indoor plant, end table, or other home accessory.

7. Give your space personality. A pad is just a pad if there’s nothing “you” in it. Display your book collection, a painting you made, or your favorite handmade rug. Not only will it add character to a room, it also makes a nice conversational piece at parties.