Top 6 Trends in Kitchen Design

There are many stylish kitchen design trends to choose from. Some of these trends include built-in fixtures, personalized cabinetry, bold colors, kitchen countertops, multiple sinks, and mini-appliances. To achieve a more personalized design, you can always mix and match these trends with your own design ideas.
Top 6  Trends in Kitchen Design

Modern home design puts great value on aesthetics. From your living room to your bike garage, the color and mood have become just as important as practicality and function. But no other room has been as drastically revamped as the kitchen. Once merely a place for preparing meals, the kitchen is now the focal point of many homes, serving as both workstation and entertainment area. If your kitchen is still the same drab square it was ten years ago, it’s time you gave it a new look.

It’s not as hard as it sounds—sometimes it’s as simple as moving a few things around like you do in your living room. The only difference is that functionality is of more importance; after all, it’s where most of the hard work gets done.

So how do you make your kitchen stylish and usable and the same time? Here are some of the most popular trends.

1. Built-in everything. Built-in cabinets used to be a staple for small areas, but nowadays, even big kitchens are maximizing floor space by moving everything to the walls. Microwaves are built into cabinets, bread toasters recessed on kitchen counters, refrigerators integrated with pantry cabinets. This is because they’re realizing the value of space in a workplace: the more room there is to move in, the more comfortable and productive you will be.

2. Personalized cabinetry. No remodeling job is complete without adding a personal touch. Personalized cabinets allow you to store your favorite kitchen items in style, whether it’s your wine collection or your set of designer knives. Wall-mounted cupboards are still all the rage, mostly because they’re convenient and a major space-saver.

3. Bold colors. If you’ve seen the chefs’ kitchens on cooking shows, you’ll notice more splashes of color in the background. Colorful kitchens are in; whites and pastels are out. If you’re not ready for a full repainting job, try introducing color gradually. Install a bright-colored sink, a patterned countertop, or a row of accent tiles.

4. Kitchen/office countertops. Moms like to pore over bills on the counter while waiting for dinner to cook. That’s why countertops have evolved into work desks, with a large end designed to hold a laptop or personal computer. Some desks even extend into the family room, so that moms can watch the kids, do the bills, and make dinner at the same time.

5. Multiple sinks. It’s no longer enough to have a small sink under the back window. Designers are now introducing island sinks as part of a food preparation zone, the modern equivalent of the familiar ‘work triangle.’ There are now larger island sinks in addition to wall sinks, perfect for tandem cooking and preparing multiple-course meals.

6. Mini-appliances. It’s not uncommon for a modern kitchen to have a mini-fridge, mini-sink, or even a mini-burner in addition to the regular ones. They’re more luxury items than appliances, but they do come in handy for those quick tasks. Mini-fridges often serve as wine or soda coolers for parties.