Window Treatments for the Modern Home

Window treatments are not only used as tools that control light but also as decorative items as well. When choosing window treatments for the modern house, these materials should do the trick – natural materials, Asian blinds, luxe fabrics, and bright prints and colors.
Window Treatments for the Modern Home

Remember when all you had to do was drape a sheet over your window to keep out the dust? Well, we’ve come a long way from that. Window treatments—the general term for blinds, curtains and other window draperies—have become decorative as well as functional. Window treatments have to fit in with your décor and draw attention to your window. Often, they are the focal point of the room or the main conversational piece.

Window treatments have also evolved through several styles. From simple vinyl blinds to elaborate silk draperies, there’s always a style to go with any motif. If you’re out of ideas for your own window treatments, read on for some of the most popular styles.

Asian blinds

If you’re looking to add some warmth to your minimalist home, go for a Japanese Zen theme with lots of wood, plants, and natural materials. A simple wood or faux wood blinds will go well against the stark whites and blacks of postmodern homes. Asian blinds work best for small windows in bedrooms and basements. For larger rooms, try a sleek, shoji-inspired blind over your main window. These blinds are designed after Japan’s shoji screens—stiff paper panels that serve as room dividers. The translucent quality of the paper casts a muted glow over the room, perfect for relaxing on a lazy afternoon.

Natural materials

Eco-friendly themes are no doubt one of the strongest trends in home design. Organic materials such as bamboo, straw, and matchstick have been developed to withstand extreme wear and provide as much function as aesthetic appeal. The trend is to make it look as natural as possible, with visible wood grains, varying shades, and even grass accents. Window treatments are usually hand-woven, so they diffuse the light that comes in. You can see out fairly clearly, but the shade still gives you total privacy.

Luxe fabrics

If you have a large living room or a classical design throughout your home, luxe fabric treatments will fit right in. Luxe fabrics are exactly what they sound like: rich, luxurious curtains with opulent detail and intricate designs. Silk, fur, leather, velvet, and other rich fabrics are a staple in this design. One of the popular pieces is the puddled drapery panel, a length of fabric that goes over the floor and spreads out like a puddle. The effect is very dramatic, but take care to not to overdo the puddles or your room will look out of proportion.

Bright prints and colors

Printed blinds are probably the boldest design trend in window treatments. This style favors wide stripes, bold floral patterns, and liberal use of contrast and geometry. It’s especially popular in chidren’s or teenagers’ rooms. Set a printed blind over a large or floor-length window or against a solid-colored wall. Choose a color that contrasts rather than complements the color theme to emphasize the boldness. The only drawback to this style is the lack of lighting control—it usually comes in solid slide-down pieces instead of adjustable blinds